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Kerala - Centralised Inspection System

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The Government of Kerala has undertaken several inspections related reforms, such as setting up of “Central Inspection Framework” and an online system “Kerala – Central Inspection System (K-CIS)” to carry out all inspections in a single platform. This initiative replaces manual scheduling of inspections with computerized and synchronized inspections for various agencies to simplify business regulations and bring transparency and accountability in inspections. Inspections conducted through this system shall be limited to pre – defined inspection checklist.

The system is designed for improving the inspection system with the following objective to ensure clarity on inspections, frequency of inspections, and reducing duplications,

    • Automated selection of establishments based on predefined frequency for each risk category (high. Medium & low risk)
    • System will randomly allocate the Inspecting officer from the pool of inspectors of the specific zone.
    • The inspector schedule shall be on rotational basis i.e.; the same inspector shall not perform two consecutive inspections of the same establishment twice consecutively.
    • Complaint based inspections shall be conducted only with specific permission for the head of the respective department.
    • View and download of the inspection reports by the establishments/businesses through CIS portal. Inspection report uploaded within 48 hours.

The Advantage of the online K-CIS:

    • System automatically schedule inspection by randomly picking inspector(s) against each unit.
    • Provision for anyone to raise a complaint against a unit and forwarding the same to the department concerned.
    • Provision to view history of inspections conducted on the unit while scheduling inspection based on compliant received.
    • Inspection report shall be uploaded within 48 hours after the inspection.
    • The entrepreneur shall be able to view and download the inspection report.
    • Detailed inspection SOPs, FAQs, Inspection Procedures & Checklist, Government Orders etc. are made available on the portal.