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Inspection Procedure


    1. Quality Check shall be done on the documents submitted by the applicant in terms of completeness and correctness of the information furnished with respect to the type of industry.
    2. The designated shall collect background information and previous compliance history (if available) of the applicant. This will enable the inspector to be familiar with the nature of operations of the industry / establishment and note down specific areas that may require more detailed investigation or verification during the inspection process.
    3. The inspector shall be obtain the following information about the industry from the Regional Office or the Head Office:
      • Location of the industry / establishment
      • Past clearances issued to the industry / establishment
      • Previous inspection Reports
      • Notice issued to the industry / establishment for non-compliance and track record of the industry / establishment with respect to carrying out orders from the Department
      • Line of activity of the industry / establishment
      • Details of the various process of industry / establishment viz., manufacturing sales etc


    1. Inspection shall be made during regular working hours of the establishment / industry except when special circumstances indicate otherwise.
    2. At the beginning of the inspection, the inspector shall locate the occupier / representative of the occupier / person in charge of the establishment / industry and inform about the purpose of the proposed inspection.
    3. The inspector shall inspect all the aspects as required based only on the mandated Acts / Rules.
    4. The Inspector should collect photographic evidence, if any non-compliance has been observed.
    5. The inspector may seek information / clarifications or documentary evidence from the representative or occupier to ascertain the correctness of the application.
    6. If any representative / occupier of the establishment / industry willfully delays or obstructs the inspector in carrying out inspection, the same shall be recorded in the inspection report for taking further necessary action in the matter.
    7. At the end of the inspection, the inspector may inform the representative of the establishment / industry about apparent non-compliance observed during inspection so that industry may initiate necessary corrective action wherever required.

    1. Inspection report should be submitted within 48 hours of completion of the inspection and a copy of the same should be issued to the establishment / industry.
    2. All observation of the inspection along with photographic evidence of non-compliance should be included as part of the report.
    3. Non-compliant areas, if any, should be listed along with the relevant section of the Act/Rule or G.O. which is violation of.